Cookies policy

We will not share your personal data with any other external provider of our website services. Where we use external services as part of our website or online provision, we and you will be subject to the privacy and security policies of the external provider, as we have no control over these. You should always check your privacy settings and the privacy policies of external providers.

Providers we use

The providers we currently use directly and indirectly for and with the website are:

Website content management system

Embedded services

Some content may be provided by embedding content (ie creating a built-in link) to services from well-known companies such as Google including, for example, Google Maps, Google Docs, Calendar, YouTube and other services. If you use embedded content and click through to the platform which hosts this content, you will be covered by their terms of service and security and privacy conditions, which we have no control over. We will not knowingly embed content from providers who act maliciously, however we have no control over external provides such as Google.

Social media

Where we use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or others, you will be subject to their privacy policies and should check carefully their policies and your privacy settings. We cannot be held responsible for the terms and conditions of the relevant social media platform.


When you fill in the contact form your contact form data will be stored on our website content management system, which is why we ask that you do not include sensitive personal data. The data will be sent by email to Margaret (Mags) Fortune at Wot’s Up using a email address. At this point security and privacy will be covered by the policies of the email provider. Further contact from Wot’s Up will be by email, unless you choose to use the contact form again.

Analytics and statistics

Websites, social media and other online providers include cookies and other methods of collecting data on the usage of the website and their services. This can include, for example, the number of users coming to the website on any particular day, search terms used, country and other location data, browser (eg Edge, Chrome, Firefox), device (eg computer, tablet, smartphone) and other data. This data is useful for the design and management of the website to helps us understand user preferences, accessibility needs and with security. This data is available to us in a summary format only, we do not identify individuals. We will not use cookies or malicious code to extract data that identifies individuals. Any cookies or code used by the website providers will be subject to their own privacy policies:

Useful information

  • Information Commissioner Cookies and similar technologies
  • Includes information on how to remove cookies from your browser.
  • Your own browser(s). Browsers usually include information under the help section about allowing and blocking cookies and private or ‘incognito’ browsing.

Publication dates and updates

Last updated: 18 May 2018